Thursday, January 28, 2010

I have been trying for days to sit down and write a meaningful post. I can't seem to narrow or focus all of thoughts in my head these days. So, I'm just going to let it be and share a photo of the print that hangs in my bathroom. It's a great daily reminder to keep striving to do and to be better.

Hope all is well in your world,


judy said...

serena, i always love your posts. i wait patiently until I see a new one and always smile when i read your words. you are so darn cute and so is your family. love.

chrissy said...

i love this.
how great for your children to read this too.
i remember what was hanging in my house when i was little.
even the wallpaper.
missing you.
hope all is well.
big huge hugs for you!