Monday, January 4, 2010

My Word of the Year

Hello 2010. so glad to see you. don't feel bad 2009, you brought me much happiness and new adventures. actually, you were a pretty great year for me. i feel very fortunate for that. it's just that i think the world is ready for a new start, a clean slate, something to look forward to. i find it fascinating that in just one day, one specific day, everyone will feel like something has shifted. it's not only a new day but a new year and with that comes a breath of fresh air and gives people something to hold onto. i'm ready for my fresh start, are you?

So many people make their annual resolutions and i think that is fine if it works for them, but i have found that it just doesn't do much for me. so joining the crowd of peeps who are chosing their word of the year (love that idea), i have chosen the word.......dare.
Not sure where or when I came up with it and at first i was like....really? i kept searching for another word but kept coming back to dare. so there it is. it's now my job to really define what it means to me and how it will define my life this year. i am daring myself to dream big and take the necessary steps to keep following that dream. no. matter. what. that seems kinda scary for me. i mean the no matter what part. i have a feeling like it may get messy sometimes and i will get misguided, derailed and destracted. like i want to give it up. but on the other hand, i have been shown some glimpses of what can actually happen when i give energy and time to the things that inspire me, and it is so flippin cool. so here it is...... i dare myself to keep going, keep dreaming and just do it! i know that there is more to my word of the year and i look forward to discovering it. may 2010 be a great year for you and i look forward to sharing the journey together.

I leave you with this: something i found in one of the books i bought for collaging. I found it after I had chosen my word which leads me to believe that it was meant to be. pretty much sums it up:


Dare to make waves
Dare to ask Why?
when no one else will. Dare yourself to walk into that restaurant alone. Dare to introduce
yourself. Dare to be the oldest woman in the class. Dare to be the youngest. Dare to be happier than you ever thought possible. Dare to be different. Be really different! Dare to be as flamboyant, as brilliant, as sexy, as funny, as terrific as you really are. Dare to push your own envelope. Dare to push theirs. Dare to be first. Dare to suggest it's time for a change, then dare to lead the way. Dare to be vulnerable, dare to be real. Dare to proclaim This is who I am, and dare anyone to believe otherwise. Dare to claim your own power and to stand firmly rooted in your own truth. Go ahead,
I dare you.


Jennifer said...

what a great word for 2010. I cannot see what you dare yourself to do. You are so brave dear girl. So very brave.

Gloria said...

I love your word. Its beautiful and powefull ..just like you..

Kate said...

Can't wait to see what daring adventures await your beautiful self in this exciting year ahead.

patty said...

Love this pic and love the post - especially how you found the quote after you had picked your word - perfect! Happy dare-doing!!

chrissy said...

daring serena...i LOVE LOVE LOVE your word. thanks for sharing the quote on daring. i actually DARED to go back to college last fall and WAS the oldest person in all my classes, i didn't think of it as DARING, more of it as INTIMIDATING, but you have changed my perspective, so thank you. that will come in handy as i start a new semester being, no doubt, the oldest student once again.
i am coveting your killer rain boots. i saw those at a funky airport store on my way to MANZANITA of all places and was running late for my plane so i wasn't able to purchase them, but they have been in the back of my mind ever since...they are SOOOo you!
love it.
love you my dear.
can't wait to see what you DARE to do.

Kolleen said...

love reading your words and all about your WORD baby girl!!! it's perfect and it inspired me!! i needed to read some of those words about being daring as i can be timid when i shouldn't be, etc... love you so much my daring beautiful friend!!!


Mindy Lacefield said... said it 'dare' and now it has inspired my heart to go out on a limb myself. thank you serena for being you. love ya!

elizabeth said...

I love it! I cannot wait to see what you dare to do - so very excited to celebrate all of it with you.

(Those boots! Fabulous.)