Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Here we go

well, I chose the word dare and already I am faced with stepping up to the plate. There has been this house for sale behind our current house for 6 months or so. I kept telling myself and even Sam a few times that we should go check it out. You see...... our current house is adorable, it's on 2.5 south facing sunny acres with lots of open space to garden and for the kids to roam. The problem is that our cute little cottage is small and is getting smaller and smaller everyday. 4 peeps, 2 of them being crazy little ninjas, 2 official bedrooms, 1 bathroom and hardly any closets means that we are bursting at the seams. sooooo, we have been discussing how to get more space. Remodel? look for a new place? but how could we give up this blessing of a place we already have. how would we afford an addition. yadda yadda. you get the idea.

so anyhoo. last sunday i was tired of just saying we should check it out and called a realtor to go take a look. i honestly was expecting to find the property to be in pretty bad shape. it looks a little dumpy from the outside, but when i got inside, i was pleasantly surprised. it's got charm. it needs lots of elbow grease, paint, finishes etc., but that it what i love to do. i love interior design, almost and should have gone to school to study it (but that's another story).

long story longer. we (along with my parents) are putting an offer on the house. so our world is turned upside down a little bit right now. this is happening FAST. although, the buying process could take awhile since it is a short sale property which has a reputation for taking forever. but that's ok. we have time. lots and lots of time. just no space. but we're used to that. here are a few photos. check out the antique stove and refridge. lOVE it! so keep your fingers crossed for us and stay tuned. I'll let you know what happens.

hmmmmm, what should I dare to do next?


Kolleen said...

SO excited for you babe!!!!

what a GREAT kitchen and oooooh the stove and fridge are yummy!!! i'm praying for you!! i know it will all work out as it should.

i am sure you would be an amazing interior designer and it is never too late!!!


patty said...

Wow, how exciting, Serena!! Way cool kitchen! Will you still have the acres of land?? I have been through many home transactions and I know it can be a very emotional time. I hope it all works out for you and "yes, yes" to the interior design!!

elizabeth said...

so very excited for you!

and that refrigerator!!!!!

you can still be an interior designer, you know. I had a friend in Sacramento who was one for a while in San Fran - never went to school for it, but she had an eye for it, and found a great job. :)

chrissy said...

i think it should be yours on the appliances alone!
those ROCK serena!
i have all my fingers and toes crossed for you.
and i agree with elizabeth.
YOU don't need a degree to ALREADY have the eye and the talent and the heart.

K8 said...

omg that is super cute! Can't wait to here what happens! I think it's perfect that your word is DARE!

Kate said...

I love it! What an amazing kitchen... I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. I just love your current abode, and all the gorgeous beauty you and Sam have created there - children, gardens, and interior design :) - but, would love to see you expanding upon a fresh homestyle canvas!

Lori said...

Exciting stuff!!! That house looks adorable, too. I'd move in just for that stove/frig (and I don't even cook!).

Praying that it works out for you all.

And you are such a kid -- you've got plenty of time to study interior design and make so many spaces so much more lovable and livable. Think about it seriously for just a moment (right now, I'll wait...)


Jennifer said...

i just love that stove and fridge. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Vivienne said...

like all the other lovelies, i'm completely drooling over those appliances! they would set such a great tone for decorating!

i'm crossing my fingers for you too! it would be so amazing for your family to be able to have that extra space! keep us posted!