Thursday, March 24, 2011

i love you gets an upgrade

My family has a new expression of love that has been filling my heart with so much joy and sweetness lately. I am going to hold onto it for the rest of my days. It actually came from my darling hubby during a middle of the night bad dream episode with Sisi. She was afraid and couldn't settle down. As he tells me, that when he whispered " I love you in your heart" in her ear and gave her one last hug, that she sighed a big sigh, hugged her favorite sleeping huggy and fell back asleep. melt....

There are many times that navigating our way through parenthood gets the best of us. But when your 6yr old boy taps you on the shoulder and you turn around to see this, how can you not just melt. And then to hear the words "mom, I love you in your heart"!!!!

I'm a puddle over here. a mushy, slobbery, hopeless in love puddle.

So, in our house it's no longer I love you, it's forever and ever going to be "I love you in your heart."