Monday, February 1, 2010

right now

february is the month of love and i can sense it in the air (especially the cyber air). i thought i'd join in and share what i heart right now.

* This amazing artist and his beautiful words. especially love his joy painting and reading about his process of creation. i had a personalized print made from him for one of my best friends baby and it is truly unique and special. those of you who read my last post, the print that hangs in my bathroom is from him and he sent it free along with my order for my girlfriend. HEART.

* receiving a handmade card in the mail from this beautiful gal. oh how i love snail mail. please don't let die. Thank you miss K.

* this musical artist is on heavy rotation, getting me through my days, dancing in the living room with my two, little booty shaking, dance partners. especially love "something great"

*heart this artist. so lovely

*kisses- although i prefer the real thing, herseys extra dark tide me over and put a smile on my face. love me some chocolate.

*my little three year old princess who adores her tutu and fairy wings. the look on her face when she comes out of her room dressed up like a princess is precious and something i'll treasure forever. pure.sweet.innocence

* my new art piece in progress. loving this one. i'll post pictures soon.

sending love your way
be well,


Kolleen said...

<3 you so much baby girl!!!

<3 even more that we sent eachother snail mail at the same GREAT is that!!!

<3 your sweet little princess....she couldn't be more beautiful! takes after her mama!

CANNOT wait to see the art piece you've been working on!!!

sending you hugs, loves and kisses!!


chrissy said...

wonderful post cute girl.
your baby is GORRRR*jus!
agree totally with K...just like her mama!
love the art you shared
and the music
and just hearing your voice behind the thoughts.
keep it up.
i too, can't wait to see what been working on.
much love to you.

elizabeth said...

I love her artwork. She did a custom baby book a while back for herself .. can't remember if she offered it for sale .. it was the one baby book I've ever seen that I actually really liked.

Jennifer said...

thank you for sharing all of your love with us <3

K8 said...

OMG I love that pic! so cute with the flower petals...keep taking more!

Kathe Fraga said...

Hi Serena, thank you so much for featuring my painting on your beautiful blog! Hopefully we'll have a chance to see each other on Bainbridge! All the best, Kathe Fraga