Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a try at triptych and dream lab

I've always loved the idea of several art pieces that hang together on the wall that could be viewed independently but also complement each other when hung together. I've been working on these three panels which have lots of texture, which I love, and a pretty muted color pallet.
I haven't reached that done feeling yet, but not sure what else they need. So, I thought I'd put them up here to see if any of you wise and talented peeps have any suggestions. No need to fluff my feathers if they aren't your style. Just looking for some good, honest opinions.
I know the pictures aren't the best, but if I waited until there was some good natural light here in the NW, I wouldn't have any pictures at all.

In other news, at the last minute, I signed up for the mondo beyondo dream lab offered by 3 ladies that I admire so much. I need a kick in the pants and I am looking forward to digging deep, dreaming big and getting this party started!

Dream big my friends!


tricia said...

oh Serena, i just love these. i think they are beautiful the way they are.

Jeanneoli said...

These are gorgeous! I love the muted palette. REally great balance. These are really wonderful. Great job. Got your call today...I will try to call tomorrow.

K8 said...

OMG these are great! I love how you have the same raised texture in all 3 pieces (the kind of bumpy waves) but you didn't force them to join between the pieces. Since you're asking, one thing I might do is just simply switch the left piece and the right that the butterfly is free to kind of float off and out of the piece (you know what I mean?) Beautiful!

Kolleen said...

i love these creations and i love even more
that you are putting them out there!!!!


doin a little dance over here!

love you sis

BonnieRose said...

Serena.. I am in that class too... so neat we are in there together. xo

chrissy said...

love them ALL. especially the the heart and the butterfly POP! and like faaaaaavorite part is that you put them OUT rock sista!
miss you terribly!

Sam said...

This is something I want to try in my new craft room from!