Friday, January 7, 2011

Taking action

I can't tell you how often I come to this computer, sit down, open up my blog, place my fingers on the keyboard, and then sit there for a long time without writing anything. I may write a few sentences, post a picture, then sit back and stare at a mostly blank page, not knowing what else to say. It's not that I don't have anything to say, I just haven't quite found my blog voice. you see, I really want to have a place where I can write about things that matter to me, that inspire me, that scare me. However, those are the things that when I try to explain in words, never quite seems right. I often ask myself, why have a blog then? What is it that draws you to this? I hate to say that I don't think I'm a very good writer, because I try not to judge myself toooo much. but in reality, that is the truth. I struggle finding the right words with almost everything. What draws me to blog, is seeing first hand the awesome community of people you can meet and connect with. To have support from like minded souls as I travel down the bumpy road. To have a place to celebrate my successes and my creativity with others and also a place to come when I need guidance or reassurance. And ultimately (this is hard for me to say out loud) to have a (safe) place that I can share my artwork.

So hears the deal:

I'm tired of not doing things because I don't think that I do them well or that anyone else will be interested in it. I really have done that for far too long. If I can't overcome that obstacle, than all the dreams that live inside my head will never happen and I just can't tolerate that any longer. Life really is too short, and with every year that passes, they seem to go faster and faster. I can't make time slow down, but I can change myself and the way I live out my days.

With that said: I have chosen the word ACTION for my word of the year. When I was telling my hubby about the concept of choosing a focus word for the year, rather than making typical resolutions, I asked him what he thought his word would be. After a brief silence, at the same time, we both said out loud kick ass! It's kind of a joke between us, but I found it uncanny that we were thinking the same thing at the same time. I took it as an omen. But rather than writing kick ass all the time and posting it on my fridge and other places to be seen, I wanted to find another word that basically meant the same thing, but was a little more kid friendly! ACTION seemed appropriate.

I have this words of wisdom book that I cut up to use phrases or words for in my art projects, so I opened it up to see if the word action was there:
Here's what I found and it just sums it up perfectly:


When it's time, get moving
After you've reflected and meditated, waited, prayed, and reaffirmed, act.
Act on your instincts. Act without delay. Send the letter, make the call. Pack the box. Issue the invitation. Get on the plane. Act already! Act with your own best interests at heart. Act in accordance with your most closely held values.
Act mindfully. Act on behalf of the very young or the very old or the very needy. Now and then, act half your age. Act out in your living room, act up in public. Strut around and act as though you own the joint. Act like the woman you've always wanted to be-and don't be surprised when suddenly you are!

So, here I am. This is me taking action. This is me trying to get past my insecurities and get down to kicking ass! Hope you'll join me for the ride!

Happy 2011 my friends! I have a feeling this is going to be a great year! Do you feel it too?

9 comments: said...

I am so with you my dear brave friend!!! You go and kick some ass!! I will be rejoicing with you in all your ACTION! Loving you, proud of you.... believing in you... Happy 2011

Your friend.


Mikal said...

I LOVE that word for you! I even love the kicking ass version! LOL

The quotes from your book are great, follow those words and be happy, you so deserve it!

BonnieRose said...

Love this post.... action is a great word.... I love the fact that u hv a book purposefully to cut out words and phrases..I hv some of those books laying around.. need to get busy using them like that.. great idea!
U just inspired me... It's gonna be a great new year.. just wait and see what's around the next corner brave girl sister! hugs bonnierose

tricia said...

oh wow. i feel exactly the same way you do about blogging. i, too, sit and stare at the blank screen, not quite sure how to get the words out of my head and onto the screen. i have SO much to say. hopefully it will come easier for both of us as we go along. i love your word. i know you will have a great year and i can't wait to see what's in store for you. love you girl! ♥

Kolleen said...

oh my sweet sweet soul sister....

you know i am so ready to watch you go out there
and kick some MAJOR ass!!!!

i love this post...your honesty, your putting it out there, your ACTION!!!

i so feel it....2011 is going to be the year of bringing back the peacock!!!


i love you

thisgirl said...

how i love my girl serena.
yes . i . do.

patty said...

Oh, sweet Serena... I came over here to check out the post above and then realized that I had missed several of your other posts and had to comment here.

First of all, these pics of you are sooo awesome and fit so perfectly with what you are saying!

Second, here is a quote that I read today: "to be an artist is not to wait for others to define us, but to define ourselves, to claim our lives, create for love, not money." Jan Phillips There was lots more to it, but you get the idea!

And third,though it may seem to you that you struggle to find words, what ends up coming out is so eloquent, articulate and heartfelt. Believe me - you have to trust yourself here and keep on writing. Maybe read my post on pockets and keep a notepad handy and jot down little ideas as you have them. You'd be surprised....

well, better go, but wanted to throw my 2 cents in on this fabulous post. Can't wait to see you ACTIONS unfold!!! XOX

K8 said...

oh yes! I just know that this year you will KICK ASS! :) I totally hear you on not doing anything because you don't want do the wrong thing, or you won't know what to say... there's a quote (that of course I can't remember right now!)...but it's something like this.. "you have to take action before inspiration comes" Can't wait to see what 2011 brings for you!

Jennifer said...

totally loving you and seeing you here. rock on girl!