Monday, October 11, 2010

brave girls club

have you ever had an amazing experience that you just can't wait to share with your friends and family? one that transforms your spirit and outlook on life? one that will forever be in your heart and puts a huge ole' smile on your face everytime you think about it? and then you get home and try to put into words and everything you say just doesn't seem to paint the right picture or do it justice. well i am fortunate to have just had one of those experiences at Brave Girls Club in mccall, idaho. i have been thinking of the right words to express my feelings and gratitude for everything that happened in that retreat and i just can't do it yet. maybe I never will, but for now, i wanted to share a few images that shed a light into one of the most incredible weeks I've experienced yet.


so for now, until i find the words to tell the story i want to tell, i'm going to bask in the goodness and unconditional love that surrounded us all as we weeded through our lives. i'm going to hold a candle to that dark place where the demons live and know that i'm loved, really deeply loved.
i am!

and i'm going to go out and DO IT ANYWAY!


patty said...

I'm so glad that you guys had an amazing experience!!! When I heard who you were going with and where you were going, well....I wasn't worried!! So happy for you!!

Jennifer said...

I loved reading these words and seeing that you had an incredible time at brave girls camp. My dear Serena you are very loved....for the exact person you are.

I adore you!

Kolleen said...

yes. you. are.

i love this and i love you!!

how blessed are we to have spent that "no word can desribe it" week together!!! so many wonderful memories!

i adore you baby girl....keep on keepin on!!


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BonnieRose said...

Love love this.... I feel the same way.. it was so special to me too... in so many ways.. hugs to you xoxooxx

chrissy said...

brave beautiful sister of mine.
i echo kolleen.s sentiments of the blessing it was to have been able to spend the "no words can describe it" week together.
i hope you know how incredibly much i love you and admire you!
you are a huge inspiration to me.
go and find YOUR truth teller baby girl and then share it with those precious loved ones of yours. it will be one of the most loving gifts you can pass on to them.

loving on you!!!


chrissy said...

i just want to REACH and hug you tightly.
hope you know how much i truly LOVE you sister of mine.

Anonymous said...

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