Tuesday, March 23, 2010

an unexpected quiet evening

and ohhhh boy was it needed:

I was having one of those days. The ones where my patience level was zilch, zero, NADA! It just so happens that my kids woke up on the extra needy, extra whiney side of the bed. Needless to say- these two frames of mind do not agree!! We struggled through the morning until I finally gave in, packed a picnic, loaded up the bikes and headed for the park.
I'm still grumpy mind you. really grumpy. It's days like this where I question my parenting abilities and feel tremendous guilt for my lack of attention. I just couldn't pull it off today, no matter how hard I tried.
so....I bought myself an extra large latte and headed for kid land (sigh).

Luckily, once at the park, Jackson and Sierra snapped back into their happy 5 and 3 yr. old selves and played with wild abandon. Instantaneously, all was right in the world again. I sat myself down on the bench, sipped my latte and watched my crazy tikes race down the walkways. It's crazy how one minute I'm ready to sell my kids to the gypsies and the next I'm huggin and squeezin them like there's no tomorrow.

That's parenthood for ya!

So when we returned home, there was a message from Laura( my MIL) saying that her friends who have a farm close by have new baby lambs and that she wanted to take Jax and Sisi to go see them tonight.

woo hoooooo! I'm doing flips over here. Perfect timing. I just love when Sam and I get unexpected time together. Just the two of us. It was so refreshing and needed.
A glass of wine on the porch watching the sun fade out, a couple rounds of seat wars on the trampoline(kicked his butt), a nice quiet dinner reading magazines while Sam was tying flies, good music on the stereo, and now, I'm headed out to the studio for some more great quality me time. wow. I didn't realize how much I needed this.
It's days like this that I'm reminded of how great life can be. Even when it starts out so rough. In this time when life is gauged by work, my kids and their moods, their schedules, my constant wonderings of where life should go next, that when things are the most simple, most pure, that I thrive. I get my sense of self back and the feeling that yes, tomorrow is another day, another chance.

Another chance. What more could we ask for?

And who couldn't love these two faces?

Or this one for that matter: I'm just sayin'


patty said...

Gorgeous (all of them!)Serena, I'm so happy that your less-than-perfect day turned into a perfect evening. I love reading what you have written - you have a very compelling "voice" - seriously, LOVE it!! Keep it coming!!

chrissy said...

let me just start with
you have NO NO NO idea how perfect the timing of your surprise in the mail was for me.
i mean PERRRRRRfect!
it was so unexpected and sweet and sincere and i am in love with snail mail which hardly EVER lands in my box anymore.
so thank you from the bottom of my heart dear sister.
your words made me cry and get goosebumps at the thought of spending ANOTHER october with you...(and our lovely heartwing sis K)
it IS meant to be dear one.
this post.
ahhhhh, this post!
i needed this reminder as i had ONE OF THOSE DAYS today and now it.s almost over and you have inspired me to get up from this computer (after im done here of course...) and go kiss each one of those five little monkeys one more time today..even if some of them are asleep, because after all...they ARE HERE and that is a gift, not a right that i have!
thanks for your words.
your children continue to awe me and i hope you don.t take this wrong...but
love you so much.
thank you again for being my friend.
i KNOW you are out there!