Friday, March 26, 2010

through the eyes of a child

There is just nothing better or sweeter than looking at life through the eyes of a three year old.

Sierra, you rock my world. may you always see life through a three year old lens and run with wild abandon towards your dreams. i am so very proud of you! i have so much to learn from you and consider myself to blessed that you chose me for a mom.

and you know what..... I want a star tree in my backyard too.


Kolleen said...

oh my goodness.....

this is such a precious post.
you are such a good mama.
you are so fortunate to have one another.

and boy oh i ever want a star tree!!!!!!!

love you so baby girl

chrissy said...

these are some of the most precious and wonderful works of art. i love them. i love your sweet words to your daughter and the respect you have for her!
i think our little ones DO teach us so much.
i think that you should paint a star tree for her.
and then,
make extra copies so that kolleen and i can have a star tree too.
loves to you!
(oh and ps what in the world is out in the universe floating around with your name on it? i am dying to know sister....)