Friday, August 21, 2009

my garden

It started with a notion that it would be great to have our own garden. our own fresh food picked right off the vine. not having to pay a premium at the grocery store for organic produce. So we decided to go for it. thank god Sam brought in the heavy equipment to strip the sod and make our beds. pulling weeds is back breaking enough for me thank you very much. there was still much shoveling to be done and i've found that i actually like digging in the dirt. yes, it's painful, but somewhere in the middle comes a great sense of accomplishment and feelings of kicking ass. the beds were made and filled with expensive dirt. next came seeds. i have to say that having never grown vegetables from seed before that i was a little skeptical that this teensy, tiny thing was going to grow into a thriving, food producing machine. i watered the dirt and crossed my fingers and what do you know, no longer than one week passed before we started seeing tiny little green heads popping out of the soil. Amazing!

two and half months later:
we now have more beans, tomatoes, squash than we can possible eat. eating fresh food from the garden rocks. so much more flavor and color and satisfaction.
now.....back to those weeds

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the camp said...

morning serena....hope you made it home safely. we finally got back to liz's place after a long and eventful ride. i hear you went of r a massage. i am really thinking i am doing that this week. or maybe a little reiki. i am so happy i was able to be near that gorgeous soul of yours.