Sunday, June 6, 2010

Just who does she think she is

A beautiful soul whom i met last october at the be present retreat blogged about how she was inspired to do this exercise. i was touched by her honesty, inspired by her answers and was curious how i would respond to these prompts. i'm sure if i did this on another day, my answers may differ. but today, this is who i think i am:

i am. learning how to be me

i think. i need to lead with my heart more and not think so much

i know. that i'm a lucky gal

i want. a big red barn

i have. an amazing family

i dislike. judgemental people and luke warm coffee

i miss. my family who live in colorado

i fear. i'll never live up to my potential

i feel. inspired by community

i hear. tweety birds and kids laughing

i smell. spraypaint

i crave. joy

i usually. cry at almost any movie i watch

i search. for bargains

i wonder. where it's all going

i regret. nope.... not really

i love. flea markets and all things thrifty

i care. yes. I care, even if sometimes i don't show it

i am always. up for an adventure

i worry. that i'm not a good enough role model for my kids

i remember. the day i said i do

i have. enough

i dance. cuz it makes me feel good

i sing. cuz i love to

i don't always. believe i can

i argue. not as often as i should

i write. not as much as i'd like

i lose. with grace

i wish. there wasn't so much conflict in the world

i listen. to what you say

i don't understand why. some people have so much and some have so little

i can usually be found. at the computer these days (sigh)

i am scared. of cancer

i need. a lot of time to myself

i forget. almost everything (hee hee)

i am happy. when i am living boldly

if you feel ispired too, i would love to hear just who you think you are. just let me know where i can find you.


valerie said...

oh serena,
thank you so much for this post. in reading it i was so touched because i could see YOU and I am truly amazed!

patty said...

Serena, I LOVE this! The photo is so perfect and your words so touching and true. I could relate to so many of these answers... some day maybe I will try it. Right now I have SO MANY things I want to write about - must be the Flying Lessons!!


chrissy said...

this photo of you speaks volumes.
please know that i truly admire you for doing this exercise...i was scared just reading your answers and wondering what in the heck i would say myself.
you and valerie are BRAVE girls.
(speaking of brave girls....i really have nothing to say i just wanted to say "brave girls" again....ha!)
huge gigantic hugs missy.

Kolleen said...

i LOVE this!
i LOVE the pic of beautiful you!
i LOVE your answers....gaining more insight into you!!
i LOVE that i posted about "i am"...very similar to this!!
i LOVE you!!!

i am going to take this on and do this exercise and i will email you back my answers!!!

love you so much baby girl!

Kerri said...

i love this post- i'd like to answer those questions/finish those sentences too.

what a great photo!

Amelia said...

what wonderful ideas and inspirations here. I really resonate with much of what you write here.

I think I am both scared and fearless at the same time, some-one who is deeply passionate and cares too, a person who loves art with a mania, some-one who believes in one's calling, and living with purposefulness and mindfulness. I believe in dreams . . . . just a few. You can find me over at: - do visit any time :)