Monday, November 9, 2009

random musings

It is a seriously dark and rainy monday around here. Fortunately, monday is the only day where I get four whole hours to myself and I'm not going to let it get me down. No way Jose`!
my mind is all over the map today~but in an effort to write more and blog more often, here i am. so bear with me.

what's on my mind:

*feeling really internal right now. Most likely the change of seasons and short daylight hours, but also, still trying to figure out how to take what I discovered at the Unearth retreat and make it a vital part of me- of my life- a priority that doesn't get pushed to the side to make way for all the other things that need my attention ( ah-hem..... preschoolers anyone?)

* feeling incredibily grateful for my family and for those that love me. For without them, my sanity would be severly compromised.

* realizing that my knack for good spelling and abilitly to remember things (to do list) is gone.... I mean GONE..... what the heck is up with that? For years I have blamed it on "the mommy brain", but I don't think I can get away with that anymore.

*My family thinks I'm cooking dinner right now (hee hee)
don't tell!

* Saw 'This is It' last night. MJ rocks. loved this flick and can't wait to see it again.

* Loving that my chocolate addiction is also offering me some devine inspiration. Today the quote inside my tasty little wrapper said "challange yourself and seek inward peace". I do declare..... chocolate is the answer!!!

* Feeling really inspired by all the lovely women in my life and all their creations. Yes.... I'm talking about YOU! If you are reading this, then you are one of those women. Thank you

* I'm happy

* ok, yes. I have had a glass or two of wine.

* It has taken me all day to finish this post even though I feel like I really haven't said anything.

* stumbled upon this video today while searching for a photo and haven't stopped laughing since. I had completely forgotten about it and am thankful for the giggles it has provided today.

Later Gators! Be Well.


patty said...

Serena, loved the video and this little piece of your life that you are offering! Stay with it - to have the inclination to stay with your inner life, creative side, whatever you want to call it - it's a worthwhile venture and you will thank yourself in years to come!

elizabeth said...

I say you can use mommy brain as an excuse forever if you want. ;)

MJ does rock.

If you come up with any bits of wisdom on how to do that, I hope you share. I could use some myself.

Much love. :)

Kolleen said...

hey baby your random musings!!! it gives us a little inside view of your world as it was on this day you wrote! loved that you posted "i've had a glass or two of wine!!" missing you and thanking you for your inspiration...i do have a painting i am going to post that you helped to inspire!!! xoxoxoxo

Kolleen said...

oh...i am totally laughing because i FORGOT to say this...mommy brain is a forever excuse since i am using it RIGHT now for not saying this in my first comment!!! : )

chrissy said...

hey girlfriend. i LOVED this post. i LOVED the randomness since that is how i live my life. after any birth of a child, mommy brain is always and forever an excuse dear. and i have to totally agree that chocolate is the answer, so with that, i am off to eat some!
have a great weekend.
missing you!

tricia said...

i nominated you for a kreative blogger award. go to my blog to see...


Emma Terray Spivack said...

We are so lucky to have found you here, follow you, share your lives. Your work is so beautiful Serena. As is your whole dang clan. Missing you always, Em and Eric
This video is F*(%^ing hy-lar-i-ous!