Friday, October 3, 2008

Telling it like it is

Each and every day i spend with these darling children i learn something new. I love that this picture captures what life is like these days in our house. This was a very cool day in that we had a huge thunderstorm....something that doesn't happen here in the NW very often. I set out the chairs on the porch so Jax and Sisi could witness all the exciting action of the storm. Each and every time the clouds "collided" they would both whoop and holler and ask for more. Jackson is always trying to be the big brother and explain to Sierra what is really happening. Most times Sisi goes on her own rant with her adorable and mostly unintelligable stories which frustrates Jackson, and so, the battle begins..... It is so amazing to witness the friendship and connection that is happening between brother and sister. I am an only child, so seeing this all unfold before me is like reliving a childhood and seeing what it must be like for those with siblings.
I am starting this blog in hopes to record some of these precious moments that happen in every day life. The things that I feel I will always remember somehow seem to fade into the distance with out even knowing it.
This is my life, these are my stories.

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K said...

blow this bad boy up!!!!!

one of THEE best pictures i have ever seen!